I just pulled this off the front page of The New York Times’ webpage.  Notice the reference to “The Lede” in the lower left corner.  I’m curious to see what this turns up and/or adds to the story.  Tragic, nonetheless.



Times they are a changin’

So I was watching Citizen Kane the other day and the portion of the movie when the news of Kane’s death was spreading really caught my eye.  One scene in particular was set in a cafe and every person had their head buried in a newspaper reading his obituary.  It made me think of people receiving news of such a public figure dying today.  Take the death of Saddam Hussein for instance.  People weren’t reading about it in the newspaper, they were checking it on their blackberry’s and watching a phone video of the hanging!

untitled II

We usually talk about current events on this blog, but I wanted to share a feature story from The Washington Post magazine about Slam Poet Gayle Danley.

The theme and details included in the writing give the piece an edgy tone that fits the profiled subject.

You can listen to a similar story on NPR’s Tell Me More. Her poetry, which is featured on the show, is delivered with a lot of power and emotion. It is worth a read or listen.

Look at the drawing/cartoon on this blog I found. It is this year in review. Thought I would share!

This is a troubling piece from The New York Times regarding the live web-cast of a suicide.  Cases like this transcend the ethics of journalism.  Given the free for all atmosphere of the Internet, boundaries will be pushed, perhaps at the expense of good sense and taste.  Technology is a morally neutral tool, but its applications sure can raise eyebrows and hairs.  Buddhists talk about wisdom and compassion as two hands washing each other, and it seems the case at hand is missing most, if not all, of both.

A Crystal Ball?

Does Jeff Jarvis have a crystal ball?  Sounds like he might!  He’s posted some interesting predictions on his blog about the future of journalism.

Knight Interviews

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